Alloy Rims Customisation for Coolbinia

Want to make your rims look amazing in Coolbinia? Let our experienced team customise your vehicles rims.

The professional team at our centrally located workshop near Coolbinia can respray an entire set of alloy rims, providing a unique look for your car which can also increase the resale value.

At our workshop, our team can colour match the your car and provide the desired finish for your wheels. Using some of the highest quality paints we ensure that when customising alloy rims for Coolbinia, we finish with a great result. Our workshop is able to customise alloy rims replicating the Diamond cut finish.

The 4 Many Types of Customising for Rims

  • CNC Diamond Cutting: We refurbish diamond cut rims. Diamond-cut Alloy Wheels are very distinctive, they are often two-tone and the face of the wheel is very shiney., with curcular grain lines like the back face of a CD.
  • Painted Rims: Typically silver or black in colour, our alloy wheel specialist is able to remove the tyre, repair and paint the wheel and damage. W also offer custom paint jobs based on whatever design you want.
  • Custome Colouring: Changing the colour of your wheels can give your car a whole new look. We only use the highest quality paint to ensure that your rims last s long as possible.
  • Shadow Chrome: The process and paint required for shadow chrome means that you need a highly skilled technician to create the perfect shadow crhome look.

Some of Our many Custom Rim Jobs

Rim Repairs Before any Custom Work

If your rims have suffered surface damage to the lacquer layer the alloy metal underneath is prone to corrosion. We can repair this damage and restore the factory colour or change the colour to give your car a new look.

Modern alloy rims tend to have a machined face finished, which means that during the manufacturing process the face of the rim would have been cut and then clear coated by a CNC machine. We can offer a similar process to repair your rims at our central located workshop near Coolbinia.

Why We Need To Repair First

While customising your alloy wheels we are also able to repair surface damage to the rim. This is important as damaged alloy wheels, if left un-repaired can cause the spread of oxidation which leads to expensive replacements in the future.

Kerbed and scuffed wheels can be repaired by centrally our team near Coolbinia, without even removing the wheel from the tire and we can repair paint damage on-site restoring the wheel back to its original factory finish. Our team is extremely efficient and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Give us a call today on 0420 744 689 or contact us via email and we will reply as soon as we can. View Customised Alloy Rims for Perth.


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