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Get Your Car Looking Great Again with Car Clinic Mobile Scratch Removal done for you at your home or workplace in Hacketts Gully.  Plus the best thing – we are easy on your wallet.

Car Clinics WA is Western Australia’s premier Car Scratch repair specialist and we come to you anywhere in Perth including Hacketts Gully. With over 25 years of experience, our team is friendly, skilled, reliable and offer quality service when repairing your vehicle. We cover anywhere between Two Rocks and Mandurah which includes Hacketts Gully with our services. Our flexible staff come to you and most repairs take between one-two hours.

Its so easy – Just three steps!

  1. Send us a photo
  2. We send you a quote
  3. We come to you at home or work in Hacketts Gully and repair in one morning or afternoon.

All of the work carried out by Car Clinics WA is under a 5 year warranty and online quotes can be sent within 3 minutes to 12 hours of receiving your email, subject to an on site evaluation.

Check Out Some Car Scratch Repairs We Do in Hacketts Gully and Surrounds.

Here is Another Happy Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Scraps like these are a common sight here in Perth.
Usually, they occur in car parks either due to a run-in with a bollard or with another vehicle.
This Mitsubishi ASX required a front guard & corner bumper repair & paint. We also gave it a headlight refurbishment & polished the chrome light surround.

Our Hacketts Gully Mobile Car Body Repair Services

Car Clinic WA provides a range of services such as repairing scratches, stone chips, dents, cracked bumpers, colour-coded bumper scuffs, mirror casing, textured bumper scuffs, and alloy wheel refurbishment. We also use modern techniques and paints specially formulated for painting the damaged area only, allowing you to get back on the road faster.

Our point of difference is that we come to you and can repair your auto paintwork at your Hacketts Gully home or workplace’s car park.


We can remove scratches from your vehicle efficiently and professionally using the latest tools, methods and technology.

scrapped car

How we repair Scratching:

Only the scratched area of the car is repaired instead of the whole panel which makes the process inexpensive and efficient allowing you to get back on the road fast. Using either our DUPONT Solvent Based Paint or STANDOX Water Based Paint it is possible to select the actual colour shade where a multi-shade coloured panel has been damaged or the paintwork has faded as a result of ultraviolet exposure and weathering.

Your car’s scratch is then sanded and/or filler/primer applied to re-instate the damaged surface to its true level. The area is then re-coloured, lacquered and blended into the adjacent panel area to provide a perfect match to the factory finish each time.

This process of repairing vehicle scratches is carried out by professionals who get the job done with a perfect finish every time. Our team can be relied on to get a quality finish for the best price making it common sense to choose Car Clinic WA to repair your vehicle.

Stone Chips

This problem is common in vehicle paintwork and can be a nuisance to remove, but Car Clinic WA is here to help. We provide a cheaper alternative to removing stone chips from the car and instead mix paint specially to match the colour of the car which is then sprayed directly onto the stone chips. This may not be as aesthetically appealing but it is a much less expensive alternative and reduces the contrast between the primer and colour coat

dent removal rivervale


Denting is a problem occurring in many vehicles that can be fixed by the team at Car Clinics WA. It is repaired using a body-filler which is then sanded to provide a smooth contour matching that of the existing panel. The area is then primed coloured and lacquered making the original dent difficult to distinguish. For smaller dents where the paint has not been damaged we rectify the area using paintless dent removal techniques (PDR) which is carried out by our skilled team members.

Cracked Bumpers

If your exterior moulding, mirror casing, motorcycle fairing or bumper has been cracked or damaged, they don’t necessarily have to be replaced. In many cases this issue can be fixed by using plastic welding and then subsequent re-finishing techniques which can make the part look as good as new, at a fraction of the price. Texture and colour is also applied to the plastic component to ensure that the parts replicate that of the original factory manufactured vehicle.

Colour Coded Bumper Scuffing

Colour Coded Bumper scuffing is another service we provide for exterior mouldings, mirror casings, bumpers and motorcycle fairings. The part doesn’t need to be fully painted so texture (where necessary) and matching colour is applied to the plastic component. This is then lacquered to ensure remedial works exactly replicate the original factory fitted item.

Wing Mirror Casings Scarborough

Mirror Casings

If your exterior mirror casings have become cracked or scuffed, our experts can help fix it. This can happen when you reverse your car and your wing mirror hits another car or object. Or someone might do this to your vehicle and many not tell you. Most of the time, the part doesn’t need to be fully repainted or replaced so instead we apply a matching colour to the plastic component which is then lacquered which ensures it works exactly as it would have originally.

Car Scratch Repairs Wanneroo

Textured Bumper Scuffing

Your vehicle may have recently had its exterior non colour coded trim, mouldings or bumper become scuffed. The gouges and scrapes in the base plastic are repaired using a compatible filter which is then textured where required. The textured bumper scuffing is then finished with a matching colour which ensures your car looked as good as new.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels if left un-repaired can cause the spread of oxidation which leads to expensive replacements in the future. Kerbed and scuffed wheels can be repaired by our team without even removing the wheel from the tyre and we can repair paint damage on site restoring the wheel back to its original factory finish.

Our team is extremely efficient and we are always happy answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today on 0420 744 689 or contact us via email and we will reply as soon as we can:

Please also send photos of your scratched, dented or damaged car rims to assist in a fast email quoting back to you. Prices start from $189.

So lets get you a free quote today for your car.

  1. Send us a photo from your Hacketts Gully driveway.
  2. We send you a quote
  3. We come to you at home or work and repair in one morning or afternoon.

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