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Experience the magic of our bumper repair work in Kwinana Beach. Schmick bumper repair to the highest standard direct to you.

Please read on to see what makes our bumper repair work so special.
Car Clinic’s bumper repair service comes to you and fixes minor bumper scratches and major bumper damage such as cracks, tears, holes, scuffs, and dents at your Kwinana Beach home or workplace with a price that’s easy on your pocket.
  1. Send us a photo of your scratched, scuffed, damaged bumper
  2. Receive a quote
  3. Book in and we come to you
We’ve eliminated the old way of sending your car to a panel shop for a few days and suffering the inconvenience of not having a car. Or the expensive option of completely replacing your bumper bar.
It does not matter whether your bumper scratch and scuff marks are tiny or massive or whether you reversed into a garage door or a suffered a carpark bumper bash from someone.
We will
  1. Come to you in Kwinana Beach
  2. Fix your scratched, scuffed bumper in one morning or afternoon
  3. Be easy on your pocket
  4. Guarantee our bumper repair workmanship
  5. Have you smiling again about how good your car looks
  6. Experience our bumper repair
Perth’s Car Clinic WA can repair your bumper professionally, fast, at your Kwinana Beach home or workplace and have you loving your car again.
Our mobile bumper damage repair process will provide heat reshaping of dented bumpers and plastic welding for split bumpers in most cases. Then we sand, prime, colour match, paint, and finally top/clear coat to provide that professional finished job. All without you needing to go anywhere for your bumper repair.
Some plastic bumper materials require specialised stapling techniques to re-enforce the strength of the substrate. Don’t worry we do this too and again bring your bumper back to gleaming new condition through sanding, priming, painting, and a clear top coat. All at your Kwinana Beach home or workplace.
If you have a dented plastic bumper, the dent is treated by applying heat to reshape the dent which allows the plastic to be reshaped back to its original shape.
Once complete, the area is refinished for an undetectable result.
So get your dented, scratched, scuffed, grazed, scraped bumper looking like it has never been touched from new with our simple 3 step process. We are your mobile bumper repair service plus we can handle your door, panel, and other scratch repairs at your convenience.

What is the cost of Bumper Repair?

Would you like to know how much it will cost you to get your bumper repaired. Our bumper repair prices are easy on your pocket for the highest quality professional job.
It is as easy as
  1. Send us a photo from our forms below
  2. Receive a quote
  3. Book in and we come to Kwinana Beach


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